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ACTM is the home organization for BS Communications Technology Management majors. Powered by its members , ACTM builds a community of Integrated Marketing Communications experts that advocate strategic planning and creativity in business. In ACTM, not only do its members find a home, but they are constantly driven to move beyond ideas in everything else that they do.



ACTM builds a community of Integrated Marketing Communications experts that advocate strategic planning and creativity in business. In ACTM, not only do its members find a home, but they are constantly driven to move beyond ideas in everything else that they do.


The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management envisions itself to be recognized as the leading organization in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications within and beyond the Ateneo. Through its projects and/or services, the organization aspires to create a community of Integrated Marketing Communications experts who advocate creativity in the business setting.


Our mission is:

  1. To serve as a community for all Communications Technology Management majors that gathers its members in the spirit of camaraderie through the efforts and opportunities presented by the organization;
  2. To train and develop its members to become Integrated Marketing Communications experts who believe in the value of strategic planning and creativity in business;
  3. To conduct business guided by the principles of professionalism, insightful idea generation,
    and excellence within and outside the Ateneo.



Office of the

The Office of the President sets the long-term direction and short-term of the Association while also monitoring and maintaining the excellent status and reputation of the organization

Information Management

The Information Management Department documents and evaluates the activities, projects, and members of the organization, and disseminates information using the organization’s communication channels


The Finance Department generates the funds for the organization with the help of vamoola.co.uk and provides resources to fund the Association’s operations

External Relations

The External Relations Department provides career-building opportunities for the organization’s members. It seeks to provide members a venue to extend their Integrated Marketing Communication skills outside the organization by providing career opportunities and career-oriented projects, as well as an avenue for application through ACTM’s service arm MAD Concepts

Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications department is one-half of the Communications Departments that is in charge of generating and developing ideas, all while ensuring that the core competency is adhered to and manifested throughout all the association’s projects and initiatives

Creative Communications

The Creative Communications Department, comprising one-half of the Communications Department, serves as the creative arm of the organization, up-holding the brand and equality of the organization across all of ACTM’s promotional materials and creative output

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations department is in charge of supporting the organization’s various projects and initiatives through the acquisition of sponsors and partners

Human Resources

HR is the department in charge of fostering camaraderie and rapport among members, all the while developing their leadership potentials and skills and imparting to them technical knowledge regarding school policies and procedures


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Prepcourse is a project that caters to the incoming CTM freshmen and shiftees, providing them a brief introduction to the years ahead of them in the course, including various CTM tracks and life in the university. The event also aims to acquaint them with each other and get a glimpse of their college life through various insightful talks and programs.

August 13, 2016

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The Welcoming Party aims to bring together all the members of ACTM, both new and old, celebrating the incoming school year. In this light, this event hopes to leave a lasting effect on its attendees, piquing their interest and setting the mood for the year to come.

September 2016

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Numina is one of ACTM’s flagship projects, an intercollegiate digital arts competition held in partnership with an organization or a company. While providing an avenue for students to showcase their skills in the digital media, Numina is also geared towards an advocacy. The event begins in a week-long exhibit of the best works, culminating in a grand awarding ceremony.

November 12, 2016

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LEAP is a three-day seminar that aims to develop leadership skills within the members. Through a series of talks and activities, it simultaneously serves as a teambuilding activity to strengthen camaraderie within the organization. Ultimately, it aims to activate the members in the spirit of leadership and build the future leaders of the organization.

December 12-14, 2016

Fundraisers is a series of projects that aims to accumulate funds for the organization and its flagship projects and to further hone the skill sets of the organization's members.
This year's fundraising events line-up includes ACTM Homecoming: Continuum and Movie Screening: Beauty and the Beast.

February 24, 2017

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ACTM Week is a week-long celebration of everything that it means to be ACTM. It aims to promote both its home and business aspects by simultaneously serving as a Tambay Week to promote internal camaraderie and as an avenue for weeklong activations to promote the organization’s expertise in Integrated Marketing Communications to the Ateneo community

March 6 - 10, 2017

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Camp IMC is an Integrated Marketing Communications competition that brings together students from a variety of universities, hoping to promote an advocacy. In cooperation with a partner company, Camp IMC kicks off with talks and a case reveal, culminating in a final presentation and awarding ceremony.

February 23, 2017

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Each year, ACTM challenges its members by providing them an avenue to conceptualize different fundraising projects each year. In this light, these fundraisers serve not only to promote a sense of cost-efficiency among the members of ACTM but these also encourage the value of strategic planning in the creation of projects that are relevant and innovative.

Second Semester

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Career Building Program caters primarily to the junior and senior ACTM members, providing them an opportunity to network themselves to potential employers through a Networking
Night. The program also includes several talks by different partner companies to equip members with the skills that they will be needing in job hunting. CBP also provides a job shadowing opportunity.

March 24, 2017

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ACTM’s year-end party heavily laced with IMC across all phases, making sure that it truly celebrates the year that has passed in ACTM.

April 22, 2017




ROOM 321, Manuel V. Pangilinan Building, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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